About the IGSJC

Welcome to the International General Surgery Journal Club!

Every month we will pick a new article of interest to the General Surgeon, typically just at the time of publication. We will hold a global journal club that will take place entirely online, using Twitter. The article will be announced in advance using the @igsjc twitter account. The discussion will take place over 72 hours- usually starting the 1st Monday of the month. Every month there will be a designated moderator who is an expert in the field. We will also be inviting the authors of the articles to participate. We are working with publishers to ensure that each article will be FREE to access for the entire month. Every month we will summarize the twitter discussion and archive the discussion to our blog.

In order to participate in the discussion follow the @igsjc account on twitter. Tag any tweets about the article with the hashtag #igsjc. To follow all of the discussion, set a search for #igsjc – this will show all of the tweets using that hashtag.

For advanced twitter users, consider using a widget or an app like TweetDeck that allows you to more easily save your searches.


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