CME Available for the February 2016 #IGSJC!

For the first time (and thanks to the editors and publishers of the JAMA Network), CME is being offered for participation in a Twitter journal club. JAMA is making this free for this trial run. This is an unprecedented and amazing opportunity to help shape the future of CME – please join us!

From the editors at JAMA Surgery:

The JAMA Network with the approval and help of the AMA would like to expand how you can claim an AMA PRA Category I credit. Significant learning can occur when clinicians communicate with one another. Much of this communication now occurs in social media.

We are testing a new mechanism to facilitate communication in social media between clinicians about published journal articles and documenting what they learned from those discussions. We are testing a system where clinicians participate in social media conversations, write their impressions of what they learned and after review by our staff for reasonableness, AMA PRA Category I credit will be offered.

All you need to do – if you have not done so already – is answer the CME questions for article (link to it) – we will take it from there, you will be prompted to join a social media conversation on twitter, write down your impressions of the conversation, sent it to us within 2 weeks of the journal club discussion and get an additional credit.

Members of the AMA will have free access to take the quiz and claim the credit for the article. Non-members will need to register an account and buy a CME token to claim the credit prior to earning additional credit via the online discussion. Both the article and CME tokens will be made free for the participants in this trial.

The first test of this pilot program will occur between Feb 24, 2016 and Feb 25, 2016. The International General Surgery Journal Club (on Twitter: @Igsjc) will initiate a social media discussion using the hashtag #IGSJC. The discussion will be about a series of articles recently published on the use of antibiotics to treat appendicitis instead of surgery. The CME will be based on a JAMA article:

Salminen, P et al. Antibiotic Therapy vs Appendectomy for Treatment of Uncomplicated Acute AppendicitisThe APPAC Randomized Clinical Trial JAMA. 2015;313(23):2340-2348. doi:10.1001/jama.2015.6154.

Currently, this article has a CME quiz that counts for 1 AMA PRA category 1 credit. Participants in the social media pilot will be eligible for an additional 1 AMA PRA category 1 credit.

If successful, this pilot will facilitate a change in the definition of AMA PRA category 1 credits to include social media discussions. Even if you do not need the CME, we encourage you to participate in this pilot to facilitate the evolution of CME to recognize the learning that occurs when clinicians communicate on social media. If you are interested in participating in the pilot CME activity, please email for more information.


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