September #IGSJC

Our #IGSJC this month is “Systematic Review of Learning Curves for Minimally Invasive Abdominal Surgery.” For the first time this month we are working with Annals of Surgery – many thanks to the editors of Annals for allowing open access through the entire month of September.

We will be having author Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal (@docaggarwal) of McGill University participating, along with moderator Dr. Andrew Wright (@andrewswright) from the University of Washington.

Please join us for what will be sure to be an engaging and stimulating conversation. A few reminders:

1) Please use #IGSJC hashtag in all tweets

2) Follow author @docaggarwal and moderator @andrewswright

3) RTs from the @IGSJC account are only to add #IGSJC hashtag or to repost questions to the entire community

4) Search twitter for #IGSJC to see the entire conversation – tweetdeck is a great way to maintain a running search


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