May Journal Club!

We are very excited that the article for the May International General Surgery Journal Club is now available with free access for the entire month, courtesy of JAMA Surgery. The article is
Surgery for Diverticulitis in the 21st Century: A Systematic Review, by Scott E. Regenbogen MD MPH, Karin M. Hardiman MD PhD, Samantha Hendren MD MPH, Arden M. Morris MD MPH from the University of Michigan.

We are especially pleased to announce that the first author of the paper, Scott Regenbogen MD MPH (@scottregenbogen) will be participating in the session, which will be moderated by Amalia Cochran MD (@AmaliaCochranMD) from the University of Utah.

As always, please use the hashtag #igsjc in your posts, and consider following @igsjc, the author, and the moderator of the discussion. You can search on twitter for the hashtag #igsjc to see all posts in the discussion, including those posts by people you may not be following. As a pro tip – the tweetdeck website is a great tool for following discussions like the International General Surgery Journal Club.



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